Nature sets its pace to the cyclical rhythm of the years, seasons and days. It is our job to accompany it, to incorporate human kind into the circle, repeating the gestures of a thousand- year-old culture. An ancient ritual that is revisited every year.

the land

Our roots lie in Tuscany, more specifically in the Maremma, a rich and uncontaminated land that stretches from the hills in the province of Grosseto to the Tyrrhenian Sea, and whose beauty is both strong and gentle.

the people

We come from different backgrounds but we share the same vision of conscientious and sustainable agriculture.

the work

We are the caretakers of an old, neglected olive grove that we have lovingly brought back to life. We combine the age-old tradition of olive- growing with a modern and responsible vision of pressing techniques.

the products

Our olive oils and preserves are a celebration of nature and ancient wisdom, the expression of a unique terroir which we tend with devotion and care.
Società Cooperativa Agricola
Antico Frantoio del Parco

58100, E.n.a.o.l.i. (GR)

opening hours: 8.30 – 17.00
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+39 0564 183 40 94


Antico Frantoio Del Parco

Antico Frantoio Del Parco