the land

Our roots lie in Tuscany, more specifically in the Maremma, a rich and uncontaminated land that stretches from the hills in the province of Grosseto to the Tyrrhenian Sea, and whose beauty is both strong and gentle.

Steeped in a rich, ancient history, whose roots date back to Etruscan times and which continued to grow until the major reclamation works commissioned by Grand Duke Leopold II of Tuscany, today the Maremma is a gem that is famous for its natural beauty, the sea and the food and wine products.

The property covers 228 hectares, mostly nestled among the hills of the Maremma Regional Park, a vast nature reserve between the mouth of the Ombrone River and the village of Talamone.


Among the holm oak woods and pine forests on the edge of the sea, we tend our olive trees, around thirty thousand secular plants that have been brought back to life with expertise and devotion..

Our trees grow harmoniously with the Park, blending in with the surrounding landscape and contributing to the biodiversity of the hills that host them.

We adopt exclusively organic cultivation methods, intervening just enough to allow the plants to express their natural potential.


the varietis

The most common olives that grow in the Park are the classic Leccino, Frantoio, Pendolino and Moraiolo varieties. Alongside these there is our pride and joy, the Maurino variety, a rare, high-quality cultivar that we discovered in the Vergheria district.


These olives are small, round, with a colour ranging from intense green to opaque black when ripe, with medium to high yield. The oil has a high oleic acid content, green colour and fruity hints with notes of leaf, artichoke and almond. On the palate it has a good bitter and spicy balance thanks to the medium- high polyphenol content.


Cultivar with an expanded growth habit, it produces medium-sized oval olives. The oil, with good oleic acid and polyphenol content, has a yellow colour due to low chlorophyll, medium fruity hints with herbaceous and slightly almond tones. Early harvesting enhances the bitter and spicy notes.


Variety with vigorous plants and expanded growth habit, it produces medium-sized oval olives that ripen from light green to black-purplish. The oil is green with golden hues, with hints of green almond and artichoke, rich in oleic acid. On the palate it is sweet with balanced bitter and spicy notes thanks to the medium polyphenol content.


Maurino olives are small to medium in size and elliptical in shape, with a colour tending towards purple, very firm flesh and a small-sized stone. The extra virgin olive oil produced from Maurino olives has a delicate, fruity and sweet flavour, with a spicy note.


Pendolino olives are small to medium-sized and elongated, with an intense green colour. The olive oil produced from Pendolino olives has a balanced and harmonious flavour, with hints of fresh grass and almond and slight spicy and bitter notes.