the work

We manage all the stages of production firsthand, from the care of the land to manual picking using mechanical tools, from pressing to bottling.

Since 2018 we have created the conditions needed to access the trees, clearing the hectares of olive grove overgrown by forest plants and giving the centuries-old trunks space to grow, facilitating their recovery and the maintenance of productivity threatened by forest suffocation.


To date, the recovery activities have involved around thirty thousand trees and we have reopened the Frantoio del Parco, where the olives are processed within 6 hours of their harvesting using advanced techniques, to produce an organic oil with high organoleptic quality.

We use exclusively organic farming methods, assisted by agro- meteorological stations that allow us to monitor the weather conditions and intervene only when necessary..


the oil mill

Thanks to Industry 4.0 technologies, the oil mill uses state-of-the-art processing methods and digitally controls the entire cycle.

Coordination of the processes using management software allows the interconnection of each processing stage, and the digital control of temperatures and processing times makes it possible to keep all the nutritional and organoleptic properties of our cultivars intact.

With the aim of reducing environmental impact and adopting a circular economy model, our oil mill is equipped with an olive stone separator, a natural fuel with high calorific value.

The olive residue is sent to our partners for biogas production. At the end of the biogas production cycle, the waste is recovered and used as a soil conditioner