Tuscan PGI Organic

Varietà Maurino

Among the centuries-old olive groves, we've found a treasure – the trees in the Vergheria district are of the Maurino variety, a rare cultivar of great quality




glass 500 ml

note gustative

In the mouth, it is clean and fluid, pleasant, with distinct pungent sensations of chilli peppers in balance with the bitter notes of almond and artichoke, diluted by the perfectly dialled-in sweetness. The aftertaste reveals sensations reminiscent of nuts (walnut).

note olfattive

It expresses itself through its fresh fruitiness of olives picked while still green, complemented by moderate perceptions of aromatic herbs and abundant vegetal fragrances of tomato leaf and green tea. There is a rich perception of unripe apple, with fresh floral aromas on the finish.


Goes well with baked white meats, seafood salad and carpaccio, smoked eel, steamed fish, first courses with crustaceans, shellfish au gratin. It enhances the freshness of dishes such as pici all’aglione and pappa al pomodoro.

zona di produzione

Parco Naturale della Maremma


10 – 50 m.a.s.l

periodo di raccolta


tipo di estrazione

continuous cycle (cold-pressed)