Tuscan PGI Organic

Canto XIII

This exceptional blend pays homage to the centuries-old olive trees of the dark forest of the 13th canto of the Inferno.


Leccino, Frantoio, Pendolino, Moraiolo


glass 500 ml

note gustative

The palate is very fluid and full, with a high degree of pleasantness and enjoyable red pepper sensations in perfect harmony with the persistent bitter notes of chicory and rocket. The finish is characterised by sensations of fresh walnuts and nuts, combined with a good fruitiness

note olfattive

Clear perceptions of fruitiness reminiscent of olives picked at the right time of ripening. The vegetal and floral notes on the nose is powerful, with mown grass and green tomato, along with impressions of apple, banana and balsamic notes.


n cooking, it is the perfect accompaniment to cooked vegetables with strong flavours and legumes It enhances Florentine steak and grilled red meat, and brings out the best in drunken octopus. Recommended with stockfish and salt cod stews and vegetable soups.

zona di produzione

Parco Naturale della Maremma


10 – 50 m.a.s.l

periodo di raccolta


tipo di estrazione

continuous cycle (cold-pressed)